Creating your App FAQs

What are the app features that you can have?

A simple app for your business may include the following:

  • a photogallery of your product and services,
  • a pdf or custom page of your brochures or newsletter,
  • a link to your website, facebook, twitter or youtube,
  • geolocation map to guide your customers to your business location
  • an rss feed for updates from your blog or website.

For more information of what app features are available and their description, refer to the app features page.

Why do you need to have an android app for your business or organization?

Creating an app for your business benefits you in the following ways:

  • enhances your relationship with customers
  • gives you exposure across android devices
  • improves your visibility and accessibility
  • strengthens your branding
  • supplement your social network strategies

What are the benefits to your customers or members?

Creating an app for your business will benefit your customers in the following ways:

  • Provides customers easy access to your inventory of products and services
  • Provides customers an easy way to locate and navigate to your location.
  • Provides customers a few taps to contact your business
  • Provides customers with updates through RSS feeds or push notifications

How long does it take to complete an android app?

It really depends on what your business needs as well as complexity of an app. Complex Apps like games may take a few months upto a year. But for a simple content app for your business, and with all the necessary text, images, and information available, the App can be completed and distributed within 1 or 2 weeks.

How much do you need to pay to create an app?

Currently most iOS app developers are charging $1,000 to $5,000 to create an iOS app.

But HITLCapps can build similar content apps for android for your business as little as $500. Non-profit organizations can be provided the service for free.

Further pricing details can be found in the pricing page.

Are there certain features that is recommended for my type of business or organization?

Generally, most features can be used by any business or organization. It will of course depends on what is the core of your business, as well as what marketing strategies that you already have in place, or planning to have. For a sampler of what features your organizations or business, please refer to app features matrix page.

What are the android apps in your portfolio?

I have done a few apps since 2012, among my most downloaded ones are the Tahlil and Yasin Guide, and Brunei Cinema. For more apps see the Apps page, or go directly to HITlCapps google play page.

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Who do I contact to create my app?

You can call/Whatsapp/SMS our number at 8261632, or e-mail at hitlcapps(at)gmail(dot)com or go to the contacts page, or fill in the contact form below