Brunei Petrol Station App

Brunei Petrol Logo

The Brunei Petrol Station App was created out of necessity. One time, me and my wife were hanging around Kuala Belait, a place that is 60km away from our home. We realized that it was 9pm, and our fuel was low, maybe only 40km of fuel left. we couldn’t find an open gas station in kuala belait after 9pm. We took the chance of going to seria, a 20 km drive and luckily the gas station there was open. I came up with the idea of a map of all the gas station of brunei in an app. I found information from the Brunei Shell Marketing website. I either to manually put GPS coordinates, or allow the app to figure it out from address (which mostly fails). So I put this map as a beta version. In the app, I placed a table that list the petrol station with the time they open, as well as the fuel that they provide.

Download the app by scanning the QR code below, or click on the following link.

Get it on Google Play

Brunei Petrol qr


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