Brunei Cinema App Updated July 2013

The Timescineplex link is now showing just the posters of movies showing instead of schedules, there was a new link to schedule, so I directed the link to that new schedule link.

Additionally, now there is a share button on the upper right hand corner so you can share the app with your friends.


Brunei Toastmasters App

An app for toastmasters in Brunei. The app contains the following:
* A guideline for the role players in the meeting
* Online Dictionary
* Virtual Timer Tool
* Links to Brunei Speakers Club, the OTTERS Club, and the Toastmasters International
* Geo-location to help guide to the location of the meeting.

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Brunei Petrol Station App

Brunei Petrol Logo

The Brunei Petrol Station App was created out of necessity. One time, me and my wife were hanging around Kuala Belait, a place that is 60km away from our home. We realized that it was 9pm, and our fuel was low, maybe only 40km of fuel left. we couldn’t find an open gas station in kuala belait after 9pm. We took the chance of going to seria, a 20 km drive and luckily the gas station there was open. I came up with the idea of a map of all the gas station of brunei in an app. I found information from the Brunei Shell Marketing website. I either to manually put GPS coordinates, or allow the app to figure it out from address (which mostly fails). So I put this map as a beta version. In the app, I placed a table that list the petrol station with the time they open, as well as the fuel that they provide.

Download the app by scanning the QR code below, or click on the following link.

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Brunei Petrol qr

Brunei Tahlil and Yasin App

I created this app during the fasting ¬†month of 2012. It was at that time that I realized that I would like to have a convenient way to read the tahlil and yasin, rather than bringing (or forgetting) that small book. I thought there would be one on the google play store, but there wasn’t. There was one on iTunes app store, but that was a huge 100mb. So I decided to scan the book that was dedicated to my late father, and make it into a pdf. This was my first published app. It is my most downloaded app up to date.

Download the app by scanning the following qr code or click on the following link.

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tahlil qr

Brunei Cinema App

Brunei Cinema logo

I created this app when I realized that it was tedious to search or type the address of the website to look for the listing schedule. An existing app was depending on the update of another 3rd party website, which was not updated regularly. I thought it would just be simpler to view the official websites for information.

This is an app that can be helpful to Brunei cinema goers. It contains:
* List of Cineplex in Brunei such including The Mall Cineplex, Q-lap cineplex, PSB Dualplex, Empire Cinema, TimesCineplex
* Map (and Navigation) to the Cineplex
* Website and Facebook link to the Official Website of the Cineplex, so you can see updated listings directly from their official website.

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