App Features

A  mobile app can be as complex as a game, or as simple as an ebook. An application depends on the Operating System that is runs on. A majority of phone users currently either have an android phone or an iOS device.

Application features can range from photograllery, pdf document, custom pages, links to website, facebook, twitter or youtube, geolocation map, and a contact page.


attiev screenshot

Photogalleries are collection or album of pictures that can optionally be used as a wallpaper on the phone, or be shared with friends on their social networks. This can be used to provide the customer with pictures of the business products. Certain customers may be fanatical that they can use a picture of their favorite product or the business logo as a wallpaper, this will also act as marketing tool that is promoted by your customers or members themselves.

PDF Document

ss pages

Thiscan be used as simple as a brochure, or as a newsletter or ebook. You can put in the brochure of your product information, or guides/manual of how to best use your products.

Custom Pages


Custom pages are similar to pages on a website. You can place text and images on this feature to be used like an offline page of information.



You can link your blog, website, twitter, facebook or youtube to your app. These enhances your social network strategy. Your customers can now access your website by a few taps of the button, rather than typing it out. Artist or performers or vloggers may also use these app to promote their youtube videos.

Geolocation map


The geolocation map is similar to a google map that is customized to show your location as well as guide the user to your location. This is very useful if your premises are hard to find, or if you have several branches.

Contact page

contact page

The contact page feature will allow your contact information to be accessible, you can have your phone number, e-mail, web address, as well as your physical address on these feature. What is best is the users can use a few taps just to contact you. Tapping on the phone number will open up the phone’s dialer, Tapping on the e-mail address will open up the phone’s e-mail app, and tapping the website link will open the phone’s web browser.

RSS Feeds


If your website provides RSS feeds, then your android app can include simple text updates that can be read by your customers.

Push Notifications

Google Android allows for Applications to send messages to android phones through their Google Cloud Messaging. This will show up like a notification message in the phone’s status bar. This is similar to sending a text message to anyone who has the app installed on their phone.