If you look around you may find that hiring a company to create a mobile app may cost you upto $5,000. But we are using a disruptive technology that allows us to charge you for as little as $500 only. The following are details for the pricing.

Item Description Pricing
Standard App for Business Contains at least the following:

  • Photogallery (Max of 10 images)
  • Custom page or PDF (Max of 5)
  • Links (Max of 5)
  • Geolocation map (max of 3 locations)
  • Contact info (max of 3 phone numbers, and 1 of each)
Discounted app Similar to standard(includes admob ads) $400
Standard App for Organizations Similar to standard Free for non-profit organizations
Package Price Similar to standard.This package is for one company that has several subsidiary companies and desires to create separate apps for those subsidiary companies to maintain branding. First App is $500Subsequent Apps is $300
Increase max items To increase the items within the app features such as geolocations, images or custom pages. $15 for every item increase
Push notifications Using google cloud messaging to actively push notifications to user’s mobile phone. $50 for every 1000 user every month.