Why have an Android App?

Why do you need to have an android app for your business or organization?

Creating an app for your business benefits you in the following ways:

  • Enhances your relationship with customers – your customers have easy access to your website and contact infomation.
  • Gives you exposure across android devices – simple content apps are quite compatible from android phone to android tablets
  • Improves your visibility and accessibility – almost everyone has a phone, but a majority of the population is or will be using an android phone, considering there are cheap android phone that most people can afford.
  • Strengthens your branding – creating a brand presence in your customers pocket.
  • supplement your social network strategies – utilize the mobile app to connect to your website, facebook and twitter, create photogalleries that your customer can use as a wallpaper or share with their friends.

You may look at the common features of an app to see what can be useful for your business organization on this page. I have also created a matrix of app features vs business/organization types which illustrates what features are for what purpose in your organization.

Links for further reading.




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